Celine Resort 2017 Collection


Models walk the runway at the spring 2017 Céline show. Photo: Imaxtree

Models walk the runway at the spring 2017 Céline show

Designer Phoebe Philo presented Céline's spring 2017 collection on Sunday at the Tennis Club de Paris. The collection of draped, flowing gowns and structured outerwear was accented with bold flashes of Yves Klein blue — artfully highlighting feminine form — and unexpected footwear (socks with sandals and mismatched boots, for example). 

Celine Resort 2017 Dresses Collection Celine Resort 2017 Collection

Celine resort 2017 reveals a side of Céline and Phoebe Philo more mysterious and have many considerations in terms of luxury and splendor. Celine is a brand synonymous with luxury and well thought out, the pieces are remarkable. There is no way that the collection will be revealed in a way that totally unnoticed or unwanted. Celine resort 2017 presenting collections ranging from handbags, shoes and fashion are all extremely pretentious. Here is a collection of Celine Resort 2017.

Celine Resort 2017 Pictures Celine Resort 2017 Collection

It seems Phoebe Philo has reached the point where she just wants her clothes to speak for themselves—because she didn’t want to say anything about them before or after her show. To alleviate any suspicion that she might be becoming a recluse, however, the designer was out front, casually milling around, saying hi as her guests took their seats. You cannot blame her for not wanting to take part in the increasingly stressful journalistic scrum, which has developed backstage, as exhausted reporters stick their iPhones in the faces of sleep-deprived designers, a rigmarole no one finds pleasant. Besides, this is no new feeling for Philo. Ever since she was a student at Central Saint Martins, she has always been the girl who stood out from the Conceptuals, and balked at having to give intellectual justifications for her work.

As it transpired, today’s setup and the clothes did speak for themselves—and for a relatable point of view on women’s lives. There was the soundtrack, to begin with: the far-off noise of city traffic, and children’s voices—a subliminal aural image of the school drop-off? Then the models started to circulate, individuals in a busy crowd, each calmly and purposefully on her own route. It wasn’t hard to see the message: This was a broad spectrum of clothes designed to make everyday life a little easier and more beautiful for lots of women.

Need a trouser suit? Then it will have a boxy tailored jacket or coat, with wide, cropped kick flares. The jacket, Philo suggests, might be worn over a long printed skirt. For a summer day dress, there were long-sleeved midis with full skirts. With them, the perfect bag for women who are embarrassed to carry an It bag—a classy, gimmick-free top-handled frame handbag, which looked as if it might have come from the Céline archive. So far, sorted out, simple guidelines for lives, which are already burdened with complications.

But what also draws women to Céline is Philo’s subtly nonconformist taste level. This time it was her brilliant color sense, which demonstrated that distinction—mint green and magenta combined in a low-waisted cotton shirtdress attached to a flowy skirt, with red boots and a bag, for example; or the offbeat shades of lemon and pink in a couple of draped, caped evening dresses. All in all, there was a sense that a Céline woman could go anywhere she needs in these clothes—to the school gate in the trainers, to a meeting in the tailoring, to a gallery opening or a cocktail party—without feeling either underdressed or overdone. It was fashion on an intuitive, clever, understanding wavelength. We know it when we see it—no explanation needed.

Celine Resort 2017 Celine Resort 2017 Collection

Phoebe Philo’s Céline Resort 2017 collection was presented as a surprising footnote for the day. It is possible that the intent of the Creative Director was to let the fashions speak for the collection rather than creating a lot of pomp for an unveiling. One considered possibility is that the collection is not meant to be seen to the point that people are tired of seeing it before the clothes can be purchased in Céline stores.

The collection features radical proportions with specific tailoring. With nipped in waists, oversized shoulders and pants with front pleats and narrow ankles, the silhouettes aredramatic. An oversized beige trenchcoat added is a great staple and will be bring versatility to the closet. Dresses are soft yet structural still incorporation the overall essence of the collection.

What catches the eye most in the new lineup is Philo’s swaggeringly womanly tailoring. These proportions will be different on how they settle on a every body.

The shoulders are the most prominently emphasized body part. With different design details from a puff sleeve, accentuated and tailored suiting, off the shoulder details and ribbed pinning, the collection exhibits unique architectural structures bringin forth different materials to come into play.

The color palette was soft and subdued with subtle floral prints introducing the fashionista to the Spring season making a unique statement all in the styling and design of each piece.

Celine Resort 2017 Collection Celine Resort 2017 Collection

If I watched the Céline Spring '17 runway with my husband, he wouldn't get it. And that's a fact. Phoebe Philo's never been one to follow convention; but she does make trends, whether or not my husband believes it. What starts as a bold, crazy idea becomes a way of a dress. This season, she begins our wardrobe disruption with proportional play — oversize suit jackets with flowing bottoms of every kind, chiffon skirts that move, even leather pants that feel light and breezy, then suit pants cropped to reveal a layer of breezy sheer fabric hanging to the ankles underneath. Who would've thought such a trick adds anything to the outfit? But, watching the runway, I'm convinced it does. There's subtlety, then big brazen changes, like mismatched shoes in bright colors that feel delightfully different, not silly. It's not the stuff of sensationalized fashion, but smaller details that make you rethink what you're wearing and how you wear it. In that way, it's always an exciting show — dare I say, even a bit sexy.

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Fendi’s Resort 2017 Bag Campaign is everything we ever hoped for with its large selection of beautifully luxurious and fashion-forward bags. It looks like Karl Lagerfeld’s ingenious and creative ideas are brimming at the seams and they came to life at Fendi’s latest campaign.

Let’s roll out the red carpet for this newcomer which will surely be a hit once it lands on Fendi’s boutique stores.


We are predicting that this white bejeweled shoulder bag will sell out fast like hot pancakes for its rich and vibrant virtual appeal.

A white bag is the ultimate accessory any season so make sure you have this style staple hanging in your closet. Yes, it could be your go-to bag at any time of the day whether you go out for an early English breakfast, catch up with your girlfriends over lunch or go on a romantic dinner with your special someone.


Right next to our list is this newest Baguette bag. Yes, look closely since this is a baguette bag, but more like it got the makeover that it deserves.

The Baguette is Fendi’s “holy grail” and “most sought-after” bag. This time around, we don’t know what words to use to describe it since its ethereal beauty can’t seem to fit into words. But we’ll try our best.

The newest Baguette is sporting a dual color in red and white with a triangle pattern around it. It’s like a breathe of fresh air, breaking from the traditional design that it is known for.


















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Fendi Resort 2017 Bag Collection

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Introducing the Fendi Resort 2017 Bag Collection. Fendi’s latest collection features their classic designs such as the Baguette, Peekaboo and Dotcom bags. A new bag is also introduced this season, a mini flap bag with a chain strap. The Wavy Baguette bags from the Fall/Winter 2016 Collection are back this season in more styles and colors. Floral prints, wavy patterns and oversized studs are some of the accents in the Resort 2017 handbags.


By The Way



2Jours and Lei Selleria

Other Bags

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Presenting Prada Resort 2016 Ad Campaign featuring the Latest Inside Tote Bag. The high fashion house has been pushing new type of handbags into the market recently and the Inside bag is their latest creation. The name ‘inside’ says a lot as the bag is designed to expose the color of the exterior even when the bag is closed.

The new print for this season is the arrow-with-eyes, inspired by the men’s Spring Summer 2016 runway show. The design gives a sense of urban style for the street-chic fashion. The bag is priced at $3180 USD or €2400 euro.


Another bag you’re seeing is the latest Prada Grommets Bag, basically a bag designed with eyelets. It’s a gorgeous design is take a look closer – crafted from calf leather, it comes with a removable small leather pouch in the interior. The single handle with metal chain is for the easy carrying and the logo metal letting is on the side. The bag is priced at $2190 USD or 1650 euro.

So what do you think?





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Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 Collection: Desert Flower

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Palm Springs, with its casual, Southern California ease, is almost the last place you would expect the quietly reflective (and quintessentially French) Nicholas Ghesquière to show his newest collection for Louis Vuitton. But lo and behold, out poured his rhapsodic, simultaneously modern and retro, era-referencing Resort ’16 collection for the house at the Bob Hope Estate, an architectural gem that served as the ideal venue. Desert glam was in full force!

So were plenty of new bag shapes, unusual for a Resort collection but for a house that was built upon bags, a fact that makes perfect sense. They run the gamut from squarely structured top-handle totes, petite clutches with studded and quilted texture, easy backpacks (one classically monogrammed) and the bag that’s become the brand’s quintessential piece all over again, the trunk, reimagined yet again in gutsy prints and a spectrum of sizes.

As for the ready-to-wear, Ghesquière’s astute way with fabrication, construction, and technology is ever at play, evident through the seemingly lax crosshatching of a woven sheath, the multi-textural dresses, cropped bomber jackets, and printed panels of the multiple pairs of hot pants (which seem fitting of semi-tragic Iris of Taxi Driver for a ready ’70s reference). But it’s the maxi dress that’s the star of the collection – and likely the season! Flowing yet cinched with hourglass shape-inducing belts, accentuated with broad leather accents, cut out to reveal a bit of midriff flesh, or zippered down the front for modern edge, they avoid any superfluous volume and have style to spare. Unlike say, Saint Laurent’s randy nightcrawler of recent seasons, Louis Vuitton’s newly revitalized girl is not dressing for the spectacle (or to be part of the spectacle). By layering her deep-plunging camisoles over collared shirts and finishing her luxe apparel with chunky flip-flops, she’s announcing her clothes – and the confidence it takes to pull them off – are her thrill, and those alone. And no big surprise: I’m thrilled right along with her.






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