Must Have Hermes Small Leather Goods

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It is a well known fact that Hermes creates elegant and classy handbags. So it’s not surprising, that the brand also offers luxurious small leather goods like wallets and pouches. Some of the Hermes wallets can also double as a clutch bag. While the pouches can be used on its own, or be placed inside your everyday bag. Check out our Must Have Small Leather Goods from Hermes!


The Béarn features an “H” tab closure and comes with 5 credit card slots, 2 extra pockets and a change purse with zipper. Available in a variety of colors. Priced at $2,675.00 (USD).

Kelly Long Wallet

The wallet version of the iconic Kelly Bag. It features the signature Kelly strap with swivel clasp closure. This wallet can also be used as a clutch bag. Priced at $3,375.00 (USD).

Constance Long Wallet

Another wallet patterned with an Hermes classic bag, the Constance. It has the same ‘H’ tab closure
with 12 credit card slots, bill pockets and change purse with zipper. Retails for $4,525.00 (USD). Also available in alligator Mississippiensis leather.


This pretty wallet has the “Clou de Selle” tab with a leather strap closure. It also includes a removable change purse with zipper. Retails for $2,200.00 (USD).

Jigé Duo

The Jigé Duo comes with a leather flap and also bears the H logo on its closure. This wallet can also double as a clutch, that can be used from day to night. Priced at €2,700.00.

Mini Convoyeur

A chic wallet with a removable strap, that can also be used as a clutch, shoulder bag and crossbody bag. Retails for $4,225.00 (USD).

Hermail Tutti-Frutti

From the fun and quirky Tutti Frutti Collection, the Hermail Tutti-Frutti is a wallet that features a fruit-shaped leather on its closure. It comes in bold and bright colors. Retails for $3,500.00 (USD).

Envelope Trio

This functional wallet comes in three pieces. A large one with a flap front and two smaller zip pouches with contrasting colors. Can also be used as a clutch. Priced at $1,525.00 (USD).

Bazar Pouch

Simple yet classy, the Bazar Pouch can be used everyday or placed inside your favorite handbag. Retails for $1,175.00 (USD).

Smart Pouch

This cute pouch which comes in different bright colors, is the perfect way to carry your phone in style. It can also fit small necessities like lipstick or keys. Priced at $860.00 (USD).

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Celebs are Seeing Stars and Spots This Week with Bags from Valentino, Gucci and Hermès

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Hermes makes it their top agenda to craft bags with sophisticated artful prints, so no wonder bag lovers are falling head over heels each time they release new printed bags. The Hermes Drapeaux Au Vent Bag on the other hand is of no exception.

Drapeaux Au Vent which when translated in English means “Flag in the wind,” is a beautiful Hermes creation. It is a perfect beach bag that you can tote around while you move from one place to another.

Take it with you as you stroll along the beach, it is colorful enough to match your beach wear as it instantly adds a pop of color to your overall ensembles. With its roomy interiors and size, you can nonchalantly stash your beach essentials inside such as your tanning oil, sun block, sun glasses, wallet, book, and even your iPad!

A 100% cotton canvas, the Hermes Drapeaux Au Vent Bag proves to be a daily summer companion! You can even take it with you while you enjoy shopping at flea markets in exotic places like Bangkok, Phuket, and Bali!

Measuring 36 x 70 cm and is priced ¥172800 JPY via Hermes boutiques.




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Celeb and Versace, Louis Vuitton, Hermès Kelly

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buy birkin bag

Congratulations on your decision to buy a Birkin bag! Some of the most important questions to address before you being your process include: “How to buy a Birkin?” “Where to buy a Birkin?” “How do you make sure it is authentic?” At PORTERO we have been selling and consigning Birkin bags for more than 10 years, and here are the 7 things you absolutely must consider when buying your first Birkin bag.

1. Authenticity

How to Buy a Birkin BagHermès Tosca Fjord Birkin 35cm with Palladium Hardware $20,850

The first thing to consider when purchasing your first Birkin bag is whether it’s authentic or not. Always buy from a reputable seller who provides lots of pictures of different angles of the bag. If the bag is authentic the seller will have nothing to hide.

2. Size

Buy Birkin Bag

When buying your first Birkin, consider your lifestyle. Are you a mom on the go who needs a roomy bag? Do you plan on using your Birkin mostly for travel? Perhaps you’re really loving the current mini bag trend, or maybe you’re petite and prefer a bag that doesn’t overtake your figure. Because of the many options available, consider all these factors before making your purchase.

3. Color

Where to Buy a Birkin BagHermès Rouge Vif Epsom Birkin 35cm with Palladium Hardware $8,500

Think about your wardrobe and how your Birkin fits in it. A lot of people opt for black as their very first Birkin color because it’s so versatile. However, perhaps a neutral color like Etoupe or Gold might work best for you. Maybe you want your Birkin to stand out and want to get a pop of color. Hermès has a large amount of beautiful colors you can choose from, so it’s worth spending some time researching them, and deciding on the one you’ll wear the most.

5. Hardware

Buying Your First Birkin Bag

The two most popular hardware options offered by Hermès are Gold and Palladium. When picking out a hardware for your first Birkin you should consider which tone of accessories you wear the most. If you don’t care much for a matchy-matchy look, or you wear both tones the same, then hardware selection will not be an important factor. However, most women prefer one over the other.

4. Leather

Buy Hermes Birkin BagHermès Electric Blue Clemence Birkin Bag with Palladium Hardware $17,425

Hermès also offers an array of different leathers. Togo is the most popular one because it does not scratch easy and can be refurbished at the Hermès Spa to make it look like new. However, Togo is heavier than other leathers. For example, Clemence is smoother to the touch but will not hold its shape over time, this gives the bag a slouchier feel. We recommend researching the different types of leathers (and exotic skins) Hermès has available before making your decision. You can refer to our Hermès Leather Guide video for more information.

6. Price

How much is a Birkin bag

By now you must know Birkin bags are an investment. Though what is the best price to buy a Birkin bag? You should be prepared to spend anywhere from $7,000 to $100,000 on your first Birkin, depending on the leather (or skin), size, color and hardware of your choice. Purchasing a Birkin in the secondary market will come with a premium but will guarantee instant gratification and guarantees you will get the exact same Birkin bag you want. At the boutique you will not only have to wait, but you will be offered what they have, which may not be the bag you want. In the secondary market you also have the option of perusing pre-loved handbags that will come with a lower price tag. And always remember, if the price is too good to be true, the bag is most likely a fake.

7. Accessories

Buy Birkin Bag

A pre-loved Birkin may or may not come with its original orange box, but if it does it will cost you extra. An Hermès dustbag is always preferable, but you can keep you first Birkin safe in any other dust bag that is size appropriate. Before purchasing your first Birkin, be honest with yourself about how much you want the accessories, and consider if you have the appropriate room in your closet for them.

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Hermes Birkin Bag Sizes and Prices

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The Hermes Birkin bags sizes are available in 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50cm sizes. There are also two bigger models, the 45cm and 55cm, which are intended to be used as traveling bags, but these are no longer made.

The Hermes HAC is similar to the Birkin and most people cannot tell the difference. This bag comes in 27cm, 32cm and 37cm sizes and features shorter straps. It is no longer made though. But you can find some in the resale market.

Birkin Bag Sizes

Birkin 25cm
Price Approx: $8,000
The smallest of Birkin bags, the 25cm one, appeared in 2004. It remains a popular accessory for evening events such as dinner parties.

Birkin 30cm
Price Approx: $9,000
The 30cm Birkin has proven to be popular in certain markets because it fits more diminutive statures. Great for those looking for an evening bag look or those around 5’2″ or under.

Birkin 35cm
Price Approx: $10,000
The 35cm Birkin is regarded by most as the best choice and remains the most coveted bag from Hermes. For most women, the size is not overpowering, and holds a lot for our busy lifestyles.

Birkin 40cm
Price Approx: $11,000
It’s the size of the first Birkin, made by requirement of Jane Birkin. The 40cm Birkin will always be known as the original design. It is a little too big for most woman but is a great size for a man. Also great for a woman looking for more of a briefcase or a small travel bag.

Birkin 45cm
Price varies per Resale market
The 45cm Birkin was once the biggest model available with two types of a handle and a shoulder strap.

Birkin 50cm
This is now the largest Birkin bag current sold by Hermes. It is clearly a travel bag and only comes in certain leathers. The price is rumored to be around $15,000. Unfortunately I cannot find the actual dimensions. The next time I’m in the store, I’ll ask and update the post.

Birkin 55cm
Price Varies per Resale Market

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