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A new and beautiful Fendi bag is here to conquer the fashion world with its exquisite elegance and simplicity. Ladies, take a good look at this Fendi Flap Shoulder Strap and you might find it hard not to admire and think highly of.

Fendi’s modernized design has been lovingly crafted from soft quilted leather and is further complemented with shiny, silver-tone hardware for that needed luxurious sparkle.

This little diva right here is the right amount of glitter you’ll be needing when you head out to hang out with your friends on a Saturday afternoon or during your romantic dinner date.

With its detachable chain shoulder strap, you can easily transition it from a clutch to a stylish shoulder bag. Mind you, the clasp in the center is attention grabbing as well!
It also features a magnetic fastening for easy access so you can easily slip your hand to grab your make up essentials for quick touch ups. Looking inside, it has an internal zipped pocked and card slots for effortless organization.

Measuring 4.5” x 7.5” x 1.5” (H x W x D) inches and is priced €890 euro, $8900 HKD, $1590 AUD, 128520 JPY




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Fendi Resort 2017 Bag Collection Featuring Floral Bags

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We assemble Fendi classic design great features detail resort 2017 bag collection. New and attractive style bag this season you can carry on daily base. The wavy pattern, oversized colored studs are amazing accent that help you to enjoy bag with every color dressing. Flap over double strip deep space bag are make cute storage. The baguette, dotcom, peekaboo, by the way and flap over bag with shoulder strip give you best selection. Sequin embellished clutch is the only piece that allow you to attend function.

Peekaboo Dark Color Bag:


Peekaboo dark color bag enlisted Fendi first classic features design bag collection. Colorful oversized stud on long strip get uniqueness that also get wide attention. Almost true style of peekaboo bags hits the past years. With one long leather strip top holder help in easy carry the bag. Leather flower cut piece wrap around the one side of top holder. Favorable size of bag gives best space to make storage.


Nude color bag textured with red color embroidery work. Colorful shoulder belt of bag treats with flower and golden pearl material. Crochet flower vine stitch of face of bag that is a great addition in Fendi resort collection of bag. Extra addition on peekaboo bag gives charm accent to women bag. For casual use light color texture bag bring perfect selection.

Graphic Appeal Baguette Bag:


Fendi high crafted white and red print inspired bag appeal graphic pattern. Button style coats in checkered mink jacket design with leather material. Midi length fur in neck gives soft and cute feelings. Waves are a major motif that sees from top to end. Same color and design peep-toe shoes matched with baguette knee length skirt dressing. Flap over bag furnished with loose black strip that selected inspired to skirt borderline.


Small size hand clutch fully embellished with silver, golden and red sequin. You can see that not any corner of bag is free from sequin. Flap over style bag has center buckle for lock up purpose. Functional look develop in baguette bag that come back once again time from fall winter 2016 collection on customer demand. Colorful and stylish bag give shimmering expression even in natural light.

Polka Dot Colored Stud Shoulder Bag:


Classic design Shoulder bag match model with black circle print outfit. Fendi resort bag small in size helps to make cash or paper like storage. Polka dot flap over bag is much easy to close within few second. Flap over portion of bag decorates with Colored Square from beads that are life in two to three series. Light weight bag keep you relax when you go outside.

Dotcom Top Zipper Bag:


Dotcom dark brown color bag has one top zip with inside deep space. Face of bag has ring style design in which black strip pass and make u-shape. Top thick belt of bas locked in stainless steel buckle. Another long strip is second option if you want to wear bag in hand. Business ladies make easy storage in Fendi dotcom bag. No matter you wear black, brown or burgundy color outfit when you hold bag in her hand.

By The Way Off-White Bag:


“By the way” Fendi resort bag come in off-white color that can contras with blue, black and white dress. Every day look bag has open top zip. One tassel hangs that pass from bag side holder. Black color lose belt top lifted with leather cut out style and studs. Off-whit bag with multi color shoulder beg get best attention. If you want than you can hold the bag in hand as model look in above picture.


Fendi Sticks to the Fan Favorites for Its Resort 2017 Bag Collection

We may have just entered summer in New York City, but on the fashion calendar, we've already started 2017. Resort presentations kicked into high gear over the long weekend, and we'll have a close look at all of the best bags as photos become available. First up, though, is Fendi, whose collection sticks almost exclusively to the tried-and-true styles the brand's customers have made hits over the past couple years.

In the lookbook photos, you'll find 2Jours Totes, Peekaboos, By The Ways and DotComs, many sporting extra Strap You straps and the studding and whipstitching that have been brand signatures of late. The only two totally new arrivals are a chain-strapped DotCom tote and a little flap bag, also on a chain strap; both resemble popular pieces from Karl Lagerfeld's other brand, if only in concept and not overall appearance.

Introducing the Fendi Resort 2017 Bag Collection. Fendi’s latest collection features their classic designs such as the Baguette, Peekaboo and Dotcom bags. A new bag is also introduced this season, a mini flap bag with a chain strap. The Wavy Baguette bags from the 2017 Collection are back this season in more styles and colors. Floral prints, wavy patterns and oversized studs are some of the accents in the Resort 2017 handbags.

Introducing the Fendi Resort 2017 Bag Collection. The brand’s newest collection features floral embellished bags in materials such as leather and raffia. Large studs were also seen is some of the bags, as well as the new multicolor hypnotic print. Fendi introduces their latest design this season, the Kan I Bag, a leather crossbody bag with a flap front and a geo stud clasp.




Fendi Ribbon Whipstitch Medium Peekaboo Bag $5,000.00 (USD)
Fendi Floral Embroidered Large Peekaboo Bag $5,550.00 (USD)
Fendi Floral Python Medium Peekaboo Bag $8,200.00 (USD)



Fendi Straw and Python Whipstitch Medium Peekaboo Bag $6,100.00 (USD)
Fendi Floral Raffia Medium Peekaboo Bag $6,100.00 (USD)
Fendi Floral Canvas Mini Peekaboo Bag $5,750.00 (USD)
Fendi Floral Embroidered Mini Peekaboo Bag $4,750.00 (USD)



Fendi Studded Medium Peekaboo Bag $5,000.00 (USD)
Fendi Studded Mini Peekaboo Bag $3,900.00 (USD)
Fendi Bi-color Studded Mini Peekaboo Bag $3,450.00 (USD)



Fendi Floral Beaded Mini Peekaboo Bag $7,250.00 (USD)
Fendi Floral Denim Peekaboo Bag $5,000.00 (USD)
Fendi Floral Embellished Mini Peekaboo Bag $4,250.00 (USD)
Fendi Multicolor Studded Stripe Mini Peekaboo Bag $4,900.00 (USD)




Fendi Embroidered Mini Dotcom Bag $3,550.00 (USD)
Fendi Colorblock Whipstitch Medium Dotcom Bag $3,050.00 (USD)
Fendi Flower Studded Medium Dotcom Bag $3,300.00 (USD)



Fendi Multicolor Hypnotic Medium Dotcom Bag $3,450.00 (USD)
Fendi Floral Quilted Chain Small Dotcom Bag $3,300.00 (USD)
Fendi Quilted Chain Medium Dotcom Bag $3,300.00 (USD)
Fendi Quilted Chain Small Dotcom Bag $2,400.00 (USD)
Fendi Snakeskin-Trim Medium Dotcom Bag $2,950.00 (USD)




Fendi Denim Flowers Baguette Bag $3,300.00 (USD)
Fendi Hypnotic Micro Double Baguette Bag $2,000.00 (USD)
Fendi Heart Stud Baguette Wave Bag $2,950.00 (USD)
Fendi Heart-Stud Raffia Baguette Wave Bag $2,600.00 (USD)



Fendi Snakeskin Micro Baguette Wave Bag $2,350.00 (USD)
Fendi Floral Studded Straw Double Micro Baguette Bag $1,850.00 (USD)
Fendi Studded Double Micro Baguette Bag $1,850.00 (USD)

By The Way / 3Jours



Fendi Floral Straw Small By The Way Bag $2,450.00 (USD)
Fendi Floral Straw Mini By The Way Bag $1,700.00 (USD)
Fendi Crystal-Heart Mini By The Way Bag $2,300.00 (USD)
Fendi Floral Studded Mini 3Jours Bag $2,450.00 (USD)

Other Bags



Fendi Floral Embroidered Mini Zaino Backpack Bag $2,500.00 (USD)
Fendi Floral Printed Zaino Backpack Bag $2,600.00 (USD)
Fendi Black Kan I Crossbody Bag $1,700.00 (USD)
Fendi Metallic Studded Mini Tube Crossbody Bag $1,300.00 (USD)

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This year Fendi bag again flush the north and south, all kinds of little monsters mirco bag after another. The most symbolic meaning than the Hollywood star Sophia Loren sat on the trunk picture Fendi brand logo letters, how big star at that time which would not have a bunch of “double F” it?

The real Fendi bag and fire up the “Sex and the City” in that, as the four still life as a woman – when the play Carrie was robbed, the robbers also correct: “! It’s not a bag, it’a BAGUETTE” indeed, this baguette bag, but the world’s first IT bAG, it is not just a package.

Perhaps this drama by the impact, you would think BAGUETTE 90s fashion and even the so-called outdated bag. Therefore, we want to introduce a micro-satin twill Fendi Baguette bag. It is equipped with a front cover of the original F-sign, affixed to the leather strap. Both designs, to luxurious appeal.

But what is more beautiful decorated – with hundreds of tiny slits in the bag flower pieces, which creates a sparkling effect. And when the sun shines it, it is even more eye-catching. I love multicolor, you should also know that the beauty of its style to match. More Fendi bag sale price is reasonable.


Though there are now three variations of the Baguette Bag, we should always search for the most classic version. And when we search for the most classic edition, we turn to the original Fendi Baguette Bag.

Nothing can replace the original design.

For those that has doubted about the prettiness of the Baguette Bag, think again. Especially the Micro edition is very attractive and cute – the perfect summer bag, don’t you think?

And so we want to present to you the Fendi Micro Satin-Twill Baguette Bag. It comes with the original F logo on the front flap, attached to the leather strap. Both design give a luxurious appeal.

But what’s more beautiful is the decoration – with over hundreds of tiny little flower pieces stitched on the bag, it creates a sparkly-effect. And when the sun shines upon it, its even more eye-catching. I love the multicolor, and you should also know which fashion style matches this beauty.

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Fendi Black Flowerland Dotcom Bag
Size: 30 x 24 x 14 (L x H x D) in cm
Price: $3300 USD, €2500 euro

Looks like sophisticated flower power is on its way to the glamorous fashion house of Fendi as embodied on its Black Flower Capsule Bag Collection. Yes ladies, everything about this collection is made more chic and feminine with the beautiful flower adornments.

Now what makes this Fendi collection special and unique? Well well, all the bags are all in the capsule collection and are sporting the black color. And oh, they added the right amount of flower embellishments without looking over the top.

This Black Flower Bag Collection also features Fendi’s top and most-loved bags of all time such as the Dotcom, Peekaboo, and By The Way Bag.

The Dotcom Bag looks modern than ever with the tone-on-tone Flowerland flowers and metallic stitching while the Peekaboo looks more feminine with the cute flower accents. The By The Way mini Bag on the other hand is decorated with the same flowers and with two-tone plexiglass studs.


Fendi Black Flowerland Peekaboo Bag
Size: 23 x 18 x 11 (L x H x D) in cm
Price: $5200 USD


Fendi Black Flowerland Mini By The Way Bag
Size: 21 x 12.5 x 9.5 (L x H x D) in cm
Price: €1600 euro


Fendi Black Flowerland By The Way Bag
Size: 27 x 13 x 15 (L x H x D) in cm
Price: $2250 USD


Fendi Black Flowerland Backpack
Size: 29 x 30 x 12 (L x H x D) in cm
Price: $3300 USD, €2500 euro


Fendi Black Flowerland Charm
Price: $850 USD


Fendi Black Flowerland Strap You
Price: $1100 USD


Fendi Black Flowerland Jewel Sandal
Price: $1000 USD, €850 euro


Fendi Flowerland Black Sandal
Price: $700 USD, €595 euro

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The Fendi Dotcom Bag is back on the block but this time with more edge, sophistication and style. You might think it quite looks similar and resemble the original version but look again as this one comes with the ruffled details in front.

This Fendi Dotcom Ruffle Bag sure looks like the bag to beat. Stylish, funky and modern, this bag still has the same front hole for attaching included pouch but the ruffle detail on the front panel made all the difference.

It has a single leather top handle perfect for carrying it by the hand and a detachable leather shoulder strap if you feel like wearing it over your shoulder. The top zip closure on the other hand gives you easy access.

It’s kind of brilliant – the front hole is made for attaching a pouch bag, which is included in the interior. There is also a front zip pocket and two internal patch pockets inside. And obvious, the bag is big enough to carry all your daily essentials.

It measures 24 x 30 x 14 (H x W x D) cm and is priced $3150 USD or €2400 euro via Luisa via Roma.








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Fendi’s Resort 2017 Bag Campaign is everything we ever hoped for with its large selection of beautifully luxurious and fashion-forward bags. It looks like Karl Lagerfeld’s ingenious and creative ideas are brimming at the seams and they came to life at Fendi’s latest campaign.

Let’s roll out the red carpet for this newcomer which will surely be a hit once it lands on Fendi’s boutique stores.


We are predicting that this white bejeweled shoulder bag will sell out fast like hot pancakes for its rich and vibrant virtual appeal.

A white bag is the ultimate accessory any season so make sure you have this style staple hanging in your closet. Yes, it could be your go-to bag at any time of the day whether you go out for an early English breakfast, catch up with your girlfriends over lunch or go on a romantic dinner with your special someone.


Right next to our list is this newest Baguette bag. Yes, look closely since this is a baguette bag, but more like it got the makeover that it deserves.

The Baguette is Fendi’s “holy grail” and “most sought-after” bag. This time around, we don’t know what words to use to describe it since its ethereal beauty can’t seem to fit into words. But we’ll try our best.

The newest Baguette is sporting a dual color in red and white with a triangle pattern around it. It’s like a breathe of fresh air, breaking from the traditional design that it is known for.


















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