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Balenciaga Infanta Small Boston AJ Bag
Size: 10.5′ x 9′ x 5.5′ (W x H x D) inches
Price: $1935 USD, €1694 euro

Everybody knows of Balenciaga’s tough, kick-ass motorcycle bags, but have you ever thought of seeing their chic’er version? Think that’s impossible? Well well, let us introduce to you the Balenciaga Infanta Boston AJ Bag.

They say to see is to believe so come take a look at this leather beauty. The bag looks sophisticated and refined in all its angles and the detachable logo engraved mirror with pocket detail even makes it cuter and irresistible!

This bag is made up of grained leather with grosgrain lining thus giving it the effect of a motorcycle bag trimmed down to a chi-chi version. It has a detachable shoulder strap making it ideal for cross body wearing but you can also wear it over your hands by using its handles. Perfect for your everyday ensemble, this Infanta Boston AJ bag will complete off your office look.

As an additional info: the interior features pockets and zip pocket, it also includes an engraved mirror inside.





Balenciaga Infanta Mini Boston AJ Bag
Size: 8′ x 6.5′ x 3.5′ (W x H x D) inches
Price: $1485 USD, €1300 euro

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Balenciaga Metal Plate City AJ Satchel Bag

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